Ethical and Green Leadership models have gained prominence,
encouraging ethical and pro-environmental behavior.

Leadership from Social Psychology Perspective

Leadership is a group process determining social influence in work groups. It shifts from the internal leader's traits to contextual and group aspects.

Strategies and Tools for Proposal

Development of a Competence Model with micro-credentials, a "Green Leadership for Hotel Managers" psychometric test, 5-module Massive Open Online Course, and an European Network for Green Leaders.

European Context

Emphasize the importance of green transition as seen in the European Green Deal. European Education Area's focus on green transition with the current concept developed in theory and not in practice.

Identified Needs

CEC European Manager association has found that most hotel managers have had tertiary education, however a lack of knowledge about European policies and a need for improved green leadership skills still exists. This shows a lack of Green Leadership Programs for hotel managers.


“Behaviours of leaders to encourage followers to prioritize sustainability, eco-friendly practices, and long-term environmental impact. It involves advocating for and implementing strategies to reduce waste, conserve energy, and support initiatives that contribute positively to the environment”

Video Introduction of Green Leadership in Hotel Management


University of Galway Ireland

Established in 1845, the University of Galway is a renowned research-led institution with over 19,000 students and 2,700 staff. Comprising five colleges/schools, including the College of Business, Public Policy, and Law, it excels in teaching and research. Notably, the J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics and Shannon College of Hotel Management, Ireland's only dedicated Hotel Management College founded in 1951, will participate. The Business Information Systems (BIS) discipline from J.E. Cairnes consistently ranks in the top 150 worldwide for IS, per QS World University Rankings.

Igor Vitale International SrlItaly

Igor Vitale International Srl, a Foggia-based enterprise, specializes in delivering applied psychology services tailored to businesses. With a network comprising 100 experts dedicated to advancing social inclusion and sustainability, their clientele spans the Agri-Food, Tourism, and Craftsmanship sectors. Employing a holistic approach, they seamlessly integrate psychology, digital technology, and human sciences to elevate educational standards and promote sustainability. Leveraging digital platforms, they provide a comprehensive array of training programs to a broad and diverse audience.

National Agency for Vocational Education and Training Bulgaria

NAVET is a specialised body to the Council of Ministers , established in 2000 under the Republic of Bulgaria's Vocational Education and Training Act, that ensures high-quality vocational education and training. Its mission includes aligning training with labor market needs, enhancing competitiveness, offering European best practices, broadening access to education, and developing profession lists and qualification standards.

Startup Greece Greece

Startup Greece is a non profit organization on a mission to promote, connect and advance entrepreneurship for Greeks in tech. Its vision is to bring the Greek Startup Ecosystem under the spotlight and maximize its contribution to a global level, by fostering innovation that will eventually secure sustainability and prosperity across the globe. SG acts to create strong and diverse inclusive communities by democratizing the sources of knowledge and by making all the necessary means available to every social group for the sustainable development of the startup ecosystem.

Simdi Group Maldives

SIMDI Group, has become a very diversified entity dealing with world-renowned products in categories such as alcoholic beverages, fast moving consumer goods, office automation, resort-ware, machineries and appliances. In that regard, SIMDI has secured and maintained exclusive distributorship agreements with some of the world’s top companies. Over the years, SIMDI also extended its service portfolio into Education, Medical, Mental Health, Wellness, Agriculture, Lifestyle, Interior Design and Hospitality and Leisure industry. SIMDI Group has always been a market leader and will always strive to remain so.


Project Kickoff and Team Coordination

By GLHM Parters / September 6, 2023

We have accomplished a significant milestone by successfully concluding the inaugural kick-off meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria with partners from Greece, Ireland, Bulgaria, Italy, and even the stunning Maldives!

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How to become a true Green Leader

By Igor Vitale / April 16, 2023

Becoming a leader today is increasingly difficult. In the past, leaders assumed a command-and-control role, often of unquestioned authority. Today, fortunately, there is greater attention to values and to defeating toxic leadership models.

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SG Talks

By Startup Greece/ Video Playlist

A YouTube playlist featuring Greek tech founders sharing their opinions would be a valuable resource for anyone interested in the tech industry, entrepreneurship, or innovation in Greece.

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GLHM Project in the Maldives

By Igor Vitale / October 27, 2023

This article discusses the importance of green leadership for hotel managers in the Maldives, a vulnerable environment where tourism is developing.

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Greek Partners Representing GLHM on Top Greek News

By Igor Vitale / October 27, 2023

Our Greek partner is promoting our project on the number one news channel in Greece, showing the importance of this to all of Greece. See this video for more.

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What does our contributors have to say

University of Galway

"Green leadership in technology is not about embracing the latest gadgets; it's about embracing a sustainable future for all." Transforming the guest experience is important and it requires integrating sustainable practices and smart solutions. From energy-efficient lighting and smart room controls to eco-friendly amenities hotels are embracing technology to reduce their environmental footprint.

National Agency for Vocational Education and Training

NAVET is a key partner in the successfully functioning mechanism for planning and implementing the national policy in the VET.

Thanos Paraschos

"Green leadership in tourism and hospitality is a beacon of hope in a world where our environment faces unprecedented challenges. It's a commitment to responsible entrepreneurship that not only preserves our planet but also inspires a brighter, more sustainable future for all."