Successful Inaugural Kick-off Meeting Marks Milestone for Green Leadership in Hotel Management Project

We are delighted to announce a significant milestone in the journey of the Green Leadership in Hotel Management project, a vital initiative under the Erasmus+ program. The project, with partners from diverse institutions including the University of Galway, Igor Vitale International srl, National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, Youth Entrepreneurship Club, and Addu Women's Association, recently reached a major achievement. The inaugural kick-off meeting, held in Sofia, Bulgaria, was a resounding success. This event marks the beginning of a collaborative effort among our esteemed partners to develop innovative approaches to sustainable hotel management, setting a strong foundation for our future endeavors in promoting environmental leadership within the hospitality industry.

We have accomplished a significant milestone by successfully concluding the inaugural kick-off meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Thrilling Collaboration Across Continents: Our Upcoming Project Meeting in the Maldives

Excitement is in the air as our project takes an international leap forward, uniting with extraordinary partners from Greece, Ireland, Bulgaria, Italy, and the captivating Maldives. The anticipation is building as we look forward to our next physical meeting, which will be held in the enchanting Maldives. This gathering promises to be a pivotal moment in our project's journey, where the diverse expertise of our partners converges to further our shared goals. Stay tuned for the unveiling of our project results, as we work tirelessly to achieve our mission of excellence and innovation.

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Dewan Scholtz - Research Assistant